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DEUTZ  TCD 18.0 L6 Engine DEUTZ TCD 18.0 L6 Engine TCD 18.0 Deutz Engine Parts

DEUTZ  TCD 18.0 L6 Engine Deutz Engine Parts deutz spare parts

These are the characteristics of the TCD 18.0 L6

Water-cooled 6-cylinder inline engine with turbo-charging and with charge air cooling.

Engine and exhaust aftertreatment (EAT) are optimised for highest total system efficiency and thus ensure lowest consumption and total operating cost.

Consistent installation and connection dimensions of the engine facilitate the changeover of existing installations to the next stage of the emission laws. The size and design of the engines will remain identical in the change to US Tier 4 and EU Stage V due to a protected technology.

No changes to the customer‘s device. A variant without EAT is available as an option for less regulated markets.

The powerful Common Rail injection system and the electronic engine control with intelligent link to the drive management ensure optimum engine performance at low fuel consumption.

In terms of aftertreatment, for higher regulated markets, the engines are expected to have no EGR and meet Stage 5, and U.S. Tier 4 with SCR. For lower regulated markets the engines will meet Stage 2 and 3 requirements with no aftertreatment.

Long oil change intervals and easy changing of the Engine fluids reduce the running cost and increase the availability of the machinery.

Best cold starting performance even under extreme conditions.



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