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Mobile Machinery
TCD 2.2 L4
TCD 2.9 L4
TCD 3.6 L4
TCD 4.1 L4
TCD 6.1 L6
TCD 7.8 L6
TCD 9.0 L4
TCD 12.0 L6
TCD 12.0 V6
TCD 13.5 L6
TCD 16.0 V8
TCD 18.0 L6

Mobile machinery requires a dynamic power source.
Deutz meets this need with its wide range of engines in Stage V covering 2.2 to 16 liters and an output of 18-620 kW. Gen Sets
D 2011Li
D 2011L
TCD 2013

Constant-speed engines for stationary installation that meet the latest emission requirements in the field.

FL 912
TCD 914M

Engines for professional marine use.
Compliance with IMO , EU and ZKR (CCNR ). DEUTZ marine engines are developed especially for the requirements of marine applications and meet the requirements of the classification societies. Type Approvals of the IACS classes1) and other classes are available on request.


Gas engines
TCG 2016
TCG 2020
TCG 2032

TCG Series
MWM gas engines can operate on different types of gas such as natural gas , shale gas, mine gas , biogas, landfill gas , digester gas and synthesis gas. The engines are designed for maximum electrical and thermal efficiency, low operating and maintenance costs and high reliability.
DEUTZ  TCD 2.2 L4 Engine

DEUTZ TCD 2.2 L4 Engine

These are the characteristics of the TCD 2.2 L4. (167)


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